Partnerships are coming front and centre

I'm so thrilled you are on this journey with me

My Story and Why Now

I’ve been pondering about starting an email newsletter for a while now.

I honestly don’t know why it’s taken me so long to focus on something I check 10x per day (probably more) with my multiple email addresses.

I’m a social guy, so I’ve usually focused on social media but it’s time I branch out and offer a valuable email newsletter to people that are interested in partnerships and partnership marketing.

With this newsletter I plan to give you an inside scoop into my life and my businesses, but also share some of the most valuable tips and strategies I get paid thousands of dollars for and that have driven millions of dollars for clients and myself.

I’m not here to make you sign up for another newsletter that does nothing for you, your life, your business, or your job.

I think emails should be fun, easy to read, and actionable.

Most of the time they're boring or super formal which is like always having to wear a suit and tie (I don’t like wearing suit and ties).

Partnerships 101 is different.

Here’s what you can expect to receive twice per week.

What’s Happening in Partnerships Today

This section will provide you with a few select links every issue that will keep you up to date on partnership marketing activity happening around the world.

Joe Rogan’s will no longer be exclusive to listeners on Spotify. This new multi-year partnership will bring in more listeners across various platforms, and more money for Rogan and Spotify.

17% of the $13 trillion B2B market (business-to-business) spending is dedicated to “co-selling” partnerships dominating cloud marketplaces in 2023.

Microsoft and news startup Semafor sign a partnership allowing Microsoft to publish frequently about their AI projects on a high-traffic website.

This is a creative branding partnership between Hilton & Lauren showing how Hilton provides cozy and comfortable accommodations for artists, professionals etc. A unique partnership that was just launched at the Grammys.

Partnership Nugget of the Day

This section will inform and inspire you to learn and level up. I’ll share some things I’m seeing from clients here as well.

Partnerships no matter what need to be a two-way street. There needs to value received by all parties and you can’t be selfish.

In order for a partnership to succeed you need to want to help your partner make more money, increase their leads, or build a more efficient business.

When you have your partners best interests in mind alongside yours, this is usually a recipe for success.

But remember, don’t get blinded. Stay the course and keep the vision of the partnership in mind.

New Tools & Resources

I think this will be my favourite section because I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to technology and tools. (ask my wife!)

Here’s a few tools & resources for you to check out:

SwellAI - turn podcasts or videos into clips, show notes, blog posts, newsletters, tweets, LinkedIn posts, ads and so much more.

MyAskAI - have the ability to build AI assistants

Carrd - create a no-code website or landing page in minutes


In Partnerships 101 I dig deeper into the partnership marketing world, sharing the latest developments in the space in an easily digestible format and get the latest news and insights delivered to you and your inboxes.

I want you to think of this email like “probiotics for your marketing brain” vs a “high sugar candy bar”.

If you feel you have a resource, video, tool, or tip that would be valuable to share with the community just reply to this email.

I love hearing from followers and readers and you guessed it, I love partnerships!

Thanks for reading!


PS. Let’s stay connected.