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Why In-person events are still important to grow a business

It's ok to get outside once in a while

Why In-Person Events Are Still Important to Grow a Business

I’m probably like a lot of you here reading this newsletter that end of spending a lot of our hours inside.

Hammering away on a computer or phone, bouncing from emails to messaging platforms, to video calls with colleagues and clients.

Last week I did something I don’t do all that often anymore; go to in-person events.

I have a young family and I’m extremely picky when it comes to travelling for work these days.

Heck, for people that know me in my local city, it’s hard to get me to leave my little pocket of the city let alone jump on a plain or jump in the car to travel somewhere.

With saying that, I do believe it’s important to go out and meet people in person. Show your face a little, shake some hands, build connections, meet potential new customers.

Doing this in real life can be extremely valuable and move things along wayyy faster than scheduling a zoom call or a virtual coffee.

If there is one tactic you pick up in todays issue, it’s to find a local networking event, industry conference, or local event that allows you go meet people in real life.

Shake their hands, share a laugh with them, and continue to build that rapport with them. It is so valuable in business.

Here’s a picture of me below at an industry conference last week that I had the pleasure to speak at where I had a great few days connecting with peers, attending others sessions, and just working toward connecting with people in real life.

I’m glad I got in the car and drove to connect with friends last week, and I’m confident my business will thank me for it too.

Picture of me with a group of people networking at last weeks Inventures conference

What’s Happening in Partnerships Today

New Tools & Resources

Here’s a few tools & resources for you to check out:

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Partnerships that bear fruit for your business often take time.

Don’t waste your time on the relationships that are one-sided or lack depth and the willingness to adapt and try new things.

The most profitable and successful partnerships I’ve endured are when all parties didn’t rush into something too fast and the communication channels between partners was always open.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself or your brand out there. There is a partnership just waiting for you. Go get them!

Thanks for reading,